Finding strength in Johnny‘s Memory

In honor of our beloved son and brother

Johnny Murabito Jr

October 14, 2002 to November 9, 2005

You are not forgotten,
loved one nor will you ever be,
as long as life and memory last
we will remember thee.

We miss you now,
our hearts are sore,
as time goes by we’ll
miss you more, your
loving smile, your gentle face,
no one can fill your vacant place.

Love Mom, Dad, Gianna, Nicolette and Gabrielle Murabito.

Our Mission

The Johnny M. Foundation is committed to all children having access to life’s basic necessities during their formative years, as well as opportunities to foster productive lives as they grow into adulthood.

Providing building blocks such as nurturing families, paths to quality education, and gateways to recreation and merriment through fun extra-curricular activities enables children whose families face adverse circumstances to enjoy the same quality-of-life as those more fortunate.

Visit our Projects


Donations that are given to the Johnny M Foundation go to fund and sustain our major projects:

1. The Nickelodeon Family Suite
2. Johnny’s Clubhouse
3. Johnny’s House
4. The Johnny M Child Life Center

Funding Progress

Helping Children One Dollar at a Time

This thermometer represents our $750,000 commitment to the Johnny M. Child Life Center located at Cooper Hospital. Our goal is to give at least $150,000 a year until we reach our goal. Currently we have given $300,000. Our biggest fund raiser is our annual gala in the fall. Typically we raise approximately $160,000 in that one evening from our ticket sales, sponsors, ads in our program, gift baskets, and live and silent auction items.